Women's Walk Leaders 59, Lawrence Ave UMC, Charlotte

The following is a list of leaders who will be working on the current Women's Walk to Emmaus. You may wish to pray for them as they prepare for this event.

Position Name
Spiritual Director Kay Pratt
Assistant Spiritual Director Merlin Pratt
Assistant Spiritual Director Pam Mathieu
Assistant Spiritual Director Jeff Nunham
Lay Director Ellen Howes
Assistant Lay Director Diana Hug
Assistant Lay Director Darlyn Turner
Assistant Lay Director Ruthann Jaquette
Assistant Lay Director Codee Kirkby
Facilities Coordinator
Food Services Coordinator
Kitchen Team Leader Joann McCrum
Dining Room Leader
Music Directors
Snack Leader
Lansing Area Emmaus Board Representative
Prayer Room
Walk Servant Coordinator Cori Feldpausch
Table Leader Sue Silverthorn
Table Leader Ellen Lord
Table Leader Kathy Wilson
Table Leader Rebecca Titus
Table Leader Peggy Severence
Table Leader
Assistant Table Leader Delores Malcom
Assistant Table Leader Joan Peters
Assistant Table Leader Lezlie Anderson
Assistant Table Leader Jodi Schmidt
Assistant Table Leader Debbie Huntley
Assistant Table Leader

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